Life Insurance

Life insurance is financial protection against the unexpected. It is important to have coverage at every age. For younger families life insurance can help keep a family in their home following a loss, help with school costs, and provide the assistance a spouse needs to get by.

But life insurance can be equally important to older people. And yes, seniors, even retirees, can get life insurance. It can help protect against high funeral and burial and other “final expenses” (which reports now place at $10,000 or more). Further, it can help a surviving spouse supplement Social Security income, perhaps even allow you to leave a caring legacy for those left behind.

We have a very extensive portfolio of final expense, universal life, term life and whole life products available.

Term Life Insurance

Pay for coverage for a predetermined number of years, ex: 5, 10, 20. Most affordable.

Universal Life Insurance

Lifelong, permanent protection. Premiums are flexible. Guaranteed Cash Value.

Whole Life Insurance

Lifelong, permanent protection. Premiums are level. Guaranteed Cash Value

Final Expense Life Insurance

Designed to pay for the medical and funeral costs associated with your death.

Could Final Expense Life Insurance benefit your family when they need it most?

All life insurance plans have one sure thing in common: Each policy pays a death benefit when the insured passes away.

Do you have an Income Replacement Plan?

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